Optiontown Offers Priority Handling Option - Enjoy Unique Travel Options!
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    Learn about Priority Handling Option
    Priority Handling - Feel like VIP at the Airport!How does it work?
    Optiontown presents 'Priority Handling', a dynamic travel option designed to enhance your overall travel experience. Priority Handling Option gives you the fastest route through the most airport-congested areas and minimize the time spent on the airport. Eliminate the stress of waiting for hours in check-in lines and baggage carousels and experience the privileges of Business Class passengers at a very nominal fee*.
    Book your Economy Class Ticket. Retrieve your booking on www.Optiontown.com
    Select the Flight on which you wish to get Priority Handling Option.
    Pay a very nominal fee per passenger per flight and enjoy the luxury of seamless travel.
    Priority Handling Option will entitle you to :
    Priority Check-In : Queuing at the check-in desks can be a slow start to your journey. With Priority Handling Option, you can directly reach for the Priority counters, offering personalized, fast check-in and courteous service and Check-in instantly and proceed to board your flight.
    Priority Boarding : Waiting in the long boarding lanes and hassle on congested boarding buses will be a thing of the past. Want to board before everyone and claim that window seat? Or want to finish your meal and board at the last minute? You can board whenever you want with no wait with Priority Handling Option on your boarding pass.
    Priority Baggage Reclaim : Standing at the baggage carousel when you are tired from the flight and just want to go home and sleep can be frustrating. Get your baggage tagged with Priority Handling Option, get it before everyone else and go from landing to taxi in under 5 minutes with Priority Baggage Reclaim.
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    Steps to get Priority Handling.
    • Book your flight like you normally would with any parterned Airline.
    • Retrieve your booking on Optiontown.com by entering your booking details (airline, PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email). If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your booking with your flight details.
    • Choose the flights on which you want to purchase Priority Handling Option.
    • Pay a nominal amount per flight per passenger and experience the luxury of seamless travel with Priority Handling Option.
    Priority Handling Benefits
    • Seamless travel experience
    • A great time saver
    • Expeditious check-in
    • Board first, or whenever you prefer
    • Get your baggage on priority
    • Comfort at low Prices


    What is Priority Handling Option?

    What are the benefits of Priority Handling Option?

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    How do I use Priority Handling at the airport after I have purchased it?